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European VAT Handbook 2016
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European VAT Handbook 2016

The European VAT Handbook provides detailed information about VAT in Europe for practitioners who need to know about VAT issues in their daily work. In addition to practitioners involved with VAT issues, the book could be used by firms or academic institutuins teaching the subject.

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This book gives a detailed VAT structure of all EU countries together with Norway and Switzerland, in an easy-to-understand style. The comparison of VAT structures between different EU countries is provided. The book also includes annexes which give a good overview of the VAT rates, VAT registration, distance sales and acquisition tresholds and simplification measures applicable in various European countries.The book concentrates on areas where the various European countries apply different rules. The EU VAT system leaves the possibility to apply certain simplification measures like reverse charge, bad debt relief, postponed accounting on import or various types of warehouses. In addition to those, the book provides an overview of various other simplification measures which are applied for consignment and/or call-off stocks, chain supplies, installation supplies, intra-group supplies or transfers of business. The effective use and enjoyment rules are also provided. In addition to being an excellent source of knowledge for VAT planning, the books also provides detailed information about VAT compliance. The details of the VAT registration, VAT return, European sales listing, Intrastat, invoicing and self-billing requirements are given. The book also contains the details regarding VAT refunds and penalties. The links are provided to the relevant webpages where additional details regarding the VAT compliance in the Europian countries could be attained.
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