Advertisement material need to be supplied as Certified PDF.

The branch organizations Cebuco, KVGO, OPPO, NUV and VEA have established two standards:

  • Certified PDF tijdschriften Nederland (for magazines): “Cpdf Tijdschriften Nederland”
  • Certified PDF dagbladen Nederland (for newspapers): “Cebuco Newspaper Ads”

These Certified PDF standards work on the basis of Enfocus Certified PDF-technology. More information about Certified PDF can be found on the website:

Open file format
If Certified PDF is not possible you can supply your digital file in Indesign CS5, Adobe Illustrator (transfer the fonts into lettercontours) and Adobe Photoshop.

Images must be supplied in TIFF or EPS standard formats with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Files in a lower resolution are not suitable for use as graphical material in publications. The scan resolution for full-colour and gray-scale graphics is 300 dpi, for black/white (bitmap) 600 dpi and for detailed drawings and sketches (linework) 1600 dpi. Graphics should not be scaled more than 15 % and should not be rotated. Do not use RGB colours (not suitable for graphical publications) and PMS colours should not be mixed with both coated and uncoated. PMS colours must be converted to CMYK. Check that all dropout, overprint and trapping settings are correct, bleed is minimal 5 mm.

Use open type fonts only. When supplying open files always include all used screen- and printerfonts (and their variants). Do not use styles like “bold” or “italic” in the program but always select the correct font from the font-menu (e.g. Times. Bold or Times Italic). Text in illustrations/logos must be transferred into lettercontours.

Supply how?

Login name: apsdu
Password:   mediaservice

Sdu Uitgevers
Attn. Mediaservice
PO Box 34
2501 AG The Hague

When supplying files via e-mail, Internet or ISDN please fax an example of the advertisement to the Mediaservice department and clearly mark for which publication the advertisement is meant. The faxnumber is: +31 70 799 98 81.

More information
If you do not comply to the above mentioned specifications we are compelled to charge technical costs. Our department can also take care of the Layout of your advertisement. For more information please contact the Mediaservices department, tel. +31 70 378 04 53.