Basic Knowledge document recognition

J.H.J. Hollegie

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Basic Knowledge document recognition
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Several enterprises and most government authorities are obliged to establish the identity of their clients before rendering any service, by checking the submitted documents like residence permits, passports, driver’s licences, identity cards and breeder documents.
The person who has to check the document and establish an identity needs basic knowledge of law and order. He must know his whereabouts on checking ID-information. Dutch identity documents for instance are personalized by checking the system that is stalled in a Municipal Data Base (GBA).

The person who has to check the document and establish an identity needs as well knowledge concerning security features in ID documents and in valuable documents. The most governments has distributed by internet or brochures all the important security features in ID documents.

The actual checking of the security features needs some study and lots of practice. This book helps to do the job. It describes all possible security features and how to check them. It contains several pieces of exercise material. And last but not least it contains the basic tool: a magnifier.
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AuthorsJ.H.J. Hollegie